I’m Bunni and I own The Rolling Crone an awesome RV/Boutique from which I sell my hand made items locally.  Mine is a different kind of business. It’s up close and personal. I don’t have any phone menus or hold buttons. If you want to do business with me, you deal with me. It has to be that way since my inventory changes so quickly and a lot of my offerings are one of a kind.  I like knowing my customers and am trying to get this page set up for those who can’t visit with me and shop in person. 

I have a regular inventory of soap, cleaners and skin products. Those are pretty easy to order online and the inventory can stay fairly consistent.  My tie dyes and jewelry are another matter. Though I’ll try to keep up with what is available I just can’t be up to date all day every day. 

While I’m working on this site, if you want to order from me either find me over at Facebook or give me a call at 843.333.9930. Or, of course you could drop by or invite The Rolling Crone to visit you.